Meet Trigger

Trigger / Friday, January 26th, 2018

Trigger is a German Shepherd dog (GSD) and my very first puppy.

I purchased Trigger from a breeder in West Virginia. The city had little to no cellular reception. The name doesn’t come to me, but I drove out there twice, once to meet my puppy and again to bring him home. When I arrived to the meeting spot for the first time, the breeder pulled up in a small green pickup truck with FOUR black German Shepherd dogs in the bed, only one of which was a puppy. As if all of the Confederate flags weren’t intimidating enough, I now had to get through three full grown dogs to get to my puppy. The breeder ran through the introduction of himself, Tom, and the dog family he had with him. The adult dogs were Trigger’s grandfather, father, and aunt. I locked eyes with Trigger and it was practically love at first sight.

I didn’t care that he was the only puppy left, possibly making him the “runt” of the litter.

I didn’t care that he didn’t have papers. Heck, the only paper Tom handed me was torn from a small notebook listing his birth date and the dates of the shots he already had.

And I definitely didn’t anticipate falling in love with a dog. It’s insane, right?

As I held the pup in my arms, his grandfather stepped out of the bed of the truck. And whoa, was he BIG. He had to be over 110 lbs; he came up to my hip standing on all four. He checked me out in the calmest manner. He kept his distance while he looked me up and down. I wanted to pet him but was also too frightened to actually do it.

For some reason, I didn’t carry cash with me on my first trip to Boonies, WV. I placed my soon-to-be puppy back in the crate and his facial expression was priceless, like he was annoyed or disappointed. Whatever he was feeling, I thought was cute and I knew right there that I wanted to take him home. Of course, Tom wasn’t about to take any checks, but I asked if he could hold the dog for me until I could return the following day. Without making any promises, he agreed to hold him for me.

The next day, I woke up early, put my dad’s chicken crate in the back of my car, grabbed my dad, and drove back up to West Virginia to get my Trigger. It wasn’t easy getting ahold of this Tom character. I called him several times with no answer. I even turned around to head back home, defeated and disappointed. I was probably 10 miles away from the original meeting spot, heading home while my dad read me classifieds of other puppies for sale when Tom finally called back.

I don’t know if it was the right decision to turn back and get this dog, but I did. It was a challenge getting my dog and has only been one challenge after another while raising him. Despite the wild ride, my only wish is that I had taken more pictures of my big dog when he was little.


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